Quan Yin of the Modern Age

Quan Yin 18 x 24" canvas print

©2009 Bill Foss all rights reserved

Original Etching on Metal






    "Quan Yin of the Modern Age"

    Original etching and acrylics on metal. 24" x 36" ©2008 Bill Foss all reproduction rights reserved.

  • Quan Yin known through out Asia, the Orient and around the world as The Mother of Compassion.
  • She is referred to in spiritual circles as an ascended being or bhodisattva. Bodhisattvas are very
  • special and unique earth masters. Masters of the elements, they are one with all things because they
  • are all things on an elemental level. They are timeless and in an ascended state can influence and pass
  • through all matter taking on different material or etheric forms. In this way there are servants to humanity
  • and all life of the planet they inhabit. Quan Yin is said to have come from an original male deity by the name of Avalokites´vara who embodies the compassion of the Buddha. Buddha referring to 'enlightened ones'
  • When I set out to paint Quan Yin, her energy started pouring through the metal. This painting also imbues
  • Abundance and is a great Feng Shui generator. The 4 Symbols placed squarely around her, are the Chinese
  • symbols for Good Fortune, Love, Prosperity and Money. the Bagua symbols at top and bottom of the black
  • lacquer frame are for Heaven and Earth. There are many mantras or sanskrit sound syllable prayers which
  • can be found to invoke the energy of this beautifully compassionate being. And you will find that if you call her name across the winds of time she is never far away as she comes to offer supportive loving help and
  • blessings.
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