Tut Ahnk Amun Portrait

on metal with special stones and lighting installed into the frame

Outside dusk lighting

Inside low lighting




  1. Tut Ahnk Amun 24" x 36"
  2. Acrylics on Brass with hand crafted wooden frame, stone inlays and custom lighting
  3. © 2007 Bill Foss all reproduction rights reserved.
  4. From the tomb of the boy king comes an artifact constructed as if it were made during Egyptian times.
  5. This is a very special and unique painting. This painting is carrying the unique energy of Tutahnkamun, the boy king, The painting is done on brass which gives a sheen and quality of gold and then clear coated with a high quality gloss enamel. The frame has multiple finishes to produce a slightly weathered look and
  6. has also been sealed with a gloss finish.
  7. The sides of the frame are adorned with stone inlays of Turquoise,Amber and Red Coral to represent the colors used in much of the Egyptian culture art forms.
  8. Quartz crystals wrapped in copper bindings are the center gem on each side of the frame with a Quartz pyramid at the very center on the top. Citrine and Obsidian are also used surrounding the main stone inlays. With magnetized black hemotite at the corners of the frame.
  9. For a very special and unique touch there are lights intalled beneath the main Quartz crystals which give a wonderful glow. The lights are powered by battery so there is no need for cords,
  10. with a small on/off switch installed on the side of the frame, to give the option of with or without special lighting.
  11. Golden Ahnks also adorn each side of the frame as well as The Egyptian heiroglyph used to refer to and depict the boy king.

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