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Babaji, the Immortal Himalayan Yogi

  1. Babaji Is a revered East Indian Saint the world over. Babaji's physical presence
    came into being on November 29th 203 A.D. As a young boy Babaji Nagaraj
    began his spiritual studies before his teens learning from sages and gurus,
    after being orphaned, sold into slavery, and then bought and freed by a wealthy
    and kindly trader. The term 'Babaji' means 'revered father' in the East.
    The young sage after studying with a powerful guru attained immortality
    at the age of 16 when a golden body of light filled his presence, in the midst of
    his spiritual practices. He has been on the planet ever since, as he vowed this to his
    sister Mataji .to always stay in form on the planet.
  2. According to those who've encounter this Yogi, he lives in the Himalyas
    with a small group of disciples, and appears to people the world over in dreams
    and in the physical to instruct in spiritual learning, give kindly advice, or
    where help is needed. Like other Bodhisatvas, Babaji can appear at anytime in anyplace
    and in any form. He was Paramahansa Yogananda's guru and can be read about
    in the book "Autobiography of a Yogi" This amazing and powerful maha avatar,
    is one of many helping to guide and balance all life animate and inanimate on the planet.
    More information on Babaji and Kriya Yoga can be found at www.babaji.ca
  3. This painting also marks a turning point in the new "Soul Portraits" and "Divine Sculpture" series.
  4. The painting was purchased by Dorita Heck-Sluer of the Netherlands as one of 2 paintings for her new store.
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