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THE BLUE NUN , Sister Maria Jesus Agreda, model: Ashleigh

Outside dusk lighting

Inside without candle holder

Inside with candle holder attached

Inside room and candlelight only

Candle holder close-up






DeDetail of Pearlescents in hair and metal


  1. The Blue Nun, Sister Maria Jesus Agreda 18" x 24" painted in acrylics on Aluminum with hand crafted sequoya frame, stone inlays and custom candle holder © 2007 Bill Foss all reproduction rights reserved.
  2. The Image may also represent Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene or Divine Goddess energy
  3. Here is my most recent interpretation of the image:
  4. This is a very special and spiritual painting. This painting is carrying the unique energy of the 16th century
  5. Blue Nun, Maria Agreda. The painting traveled with me for close to a year after it's completion, then through a series of meditations,and a nudge from my friend, Jerry, I was lead to research Sister Agreda and found that unbeknownst to me at the time, I had indeed painted a spiritual shrine painting of this religous icon. My friend, Ashleigh, who has uniquely similar energy, posed for the painting in Northern Arizona in 2006 before it went on display in Sedona for an Easter showing. At that time it had represented not only Mary of
  6. Magdala, but the Divine femenine, Until recently when I felt the presence of the Blue Nun at my studio
  7. after a very vivid vision.
  8. Sister Agreda was known as being a mystic who repeatedly bilocated or appeared in physical form to the
  9. native tribes in the Americas, especially the area which is now Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, and taught
  10. the natives about God in their own tongue. The church was ready to put her on trial as that was a time when
  11. many of the pagan and other religions were being converted forcibly to Christianity, along with anyone displaying special gifts. The returning conquistadors of the Spanish Inquisition, brought stories back from the Americas of a mysterious Lady in Blue, and told how many of the natives already knew of Europe's new version of God. Her visions to the natives spared countless lives and helped grease the skids for the
  12. new church, and thus her life was spared.
  13. This painting also marks a turning point in the new "Soul Portraits" and "Divine Sculpture" series.
  14. The painting was purchased by Dorita Heck-Sluer of the Netherlands as one of 2 paintings for her new store.
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