Bonham Ltd 18 x 24in custom canvas
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  • John Bonham "Moby Dick"
  • Acrylic and metallics on canvas 36 in x 48 in ©1995-2014 Bill Foss all rights reserved 'Original Works' and 'Derivative Works' (an artistic rendition of a recognizeable classic) copyright(s) held with the Library of Congress.
  • A unique painting done completely with metalic paints, gold, copper and bronze and really gives off a brilliant feel from different angles.
  • This painting was shown at the Dallas/Arlington World Guitar Show, before being sold in Scottsdale and shipped to New York. This was my first Zep painting but surely not my last. Now You can own a custom printed canvas of one of if not the greatest rock and roll drummers to ever live. Grab a limited edition print while they are available and Enjoy.