1. ©2008 Bill Foss 24" x 36" painted in acrylics on canvas with 3 dimensional sculpted wire moustache
  2. Title: "Portrait of Salvador Dali wearing a stethascope in order to listen to the mind boggling epiphanies of an egg being cracked by the universal
  3. egg cracker over a florescent tube representing the idea of thought while a little green man in a fried egg ship orchestrating the whole shootin
  4. match thinks of the ocean floating away only to expose a massive bananna split and a lobster talking on the phone, while the known universe is being supported on a stilt, and being taunted by a runaway mixer, not to mention enlightenment." also known as " Excuse me sir, do you know there's a fish in your pocket
  5. or are you just happy to see?"
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