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  • "Earth Prayer " Acrylic and airbrush on copper with handcrafted wooden frame and gemstones. Frame feautures: Corners: Peruvian turquoise wrapped in copper.
  • Top: rose quartz surrounded by amythest. sides are quartz with copper wraps, amythest.
  • bottom is quartz w/copper wraps symbolizing the 4 directions and jade in the center.
  • A Native Ameican spiritual piece of art, which symbolizes connection to the Earth,
  • the Mother, Great Spirit and the 4 Directions, as Earthkeepers,
  • The 'Earth Keeper' in this painting is holding a sage wand or 'smudge stick' the smoke of
  • Great Spirit, and Grandfather Sky floats up to surround the Earth with healing energy,
  • as She connects to the Earth with her heart and mind, and the 'River of Life' flows on.
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