Albert Einstein

©2009 Bill Foss all rights reserved

Original Etching on Metal

Albert E=Art fine art print








    Albert Einstein title "Albert E=Art" by Bill Foss

    Original Etching and acrylics on aluminum. 24" x 36" ©2008 Bill Foss all reproduction rights reserved.

  • What can I say here that hasn't already been said about this Monstor of Math? OK , let's talk about the painting process.
  • I can tell you that as I vibed into the process of painting, I felt the energy becoming present to produce the painting.
  • I had fully intended to do this painting on copper and in full color....but as I listened closer I heard and saw the message to create a black and white painting on aluminum, which I've found to have a higher and clearer energy than the other metals. All the metals that I work with have distinct vibrational quality which I apply to diferent processes or subject matters. So as I commenced to painting this master of equations and invention, I didn't realize that I would be creating
  • a first in a different style for me which is black and white painting on metal. So this painting has a very unique look
  • and is the first of the energy paintings on metal to be done in black and white airbrush and convential hand paint.
  • Enjoy!
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