3rd Stone from the Sun

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Jimi Hendrix "3rd Stone from the Sun" ©1995-2014 Bill Foss all rights reserved 'Original Works' and 'Derivative Works' (an artistic rendition of a recognizeable classic) copyright(s) held with the Library of Congress.

24" x 48" acrylic paint with metallics, and flourescents.

This is the second painting in the Rock & Roll Series, painted early on in the artist's travels to New Mexico as the conception of the series took form. "I saw an old image of Jimi playing in my mind and immediately flashed on the very colorful collection of elements which transformed into the finished painting". This is one of the relics in the series that translated itself from the original vision glimpsed.

The painting features gold reflective metallics in the jacket, A flourescent sunset behind Jimi which can be activated by black lights. Realistic planets floating in space over a surrealistic rising ocean, symbolizing the lifting of consciousness as hovering dolphins carousel past disappearing into the horizon. This painting highlights the historical value of the Rock & Roll series and promises to be a national treasure of the rock &roll music and entertainment world. Al Hendrix, Jimi's Father saw the painting and kindly commented with his blessing, while he was alive.