Jewel Portrait by Bill Foss

Jewel 24 x 24in custom canvas

©1995-2014 Bill Foss all rights reserved 'Original Works' and 'Derivative Works' (an artistic rendition of a recognizeable classic) copyright(s) held with the Library of Congress.

Original Etching on Metal

Click images below to enlarge showing different angles,lighting and 3D qualities to the metal








    "Jewel" by Bill Foss

    Original Etching and acrylics on aluminum. 24" x 24" ©2009 Bill Foss

  • I started to do a portrait of this singer, artist, poet and writer in color, but as I looked through all the reference material I had gathered, the striking energy that came across in black and white images were so direct, that I chose to do the portrait in black and white accented with pearlescent and metallic colors.
  • Jewel's melody lines are unmistakeable when you hear them and always a pleasure to watch her perform live.
  • I've included several additional images so you can see the 3 dimensional quality to this portrait on metal.
  • Enjoy!
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