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Jim Morrison "Firewalk of the Shaman" 36" x 48" acrylic with pearlescents and flourescents on canvas in a historic 6in" gold carved frame. © 1995-2014 Bill Foss All Rights Reserved 'Original Works' and 'Derivative Works' copyright(s) held with the Library of Congress.

This painting has many visually stimulating and magical qualities. The flourescent flames are textured in relief with pallate knife and brush and as they dance, they are activated with glow ing qualities. The passionately burning flourescent pastel sunset trails into the horizon creating a depth of field perception. Many animal and native american spirit forms dance in the clouds overhead as Jim's little lizard friends climb on board. A king snake slithers up the mic stand as there seems to be a face in the curtain above the microphone. Could it be Pamela? The mic cord and stand seem to be making a large "P" . Jim's shirt comes alive under different light sources as it is white pearlescent paints with shimmering pastel flourescent undertones. This one of a kind masterpiece is sure to be a show stopper in your venue or the perfect mantle piece for your castle.