In Memory of Joe 'Ace' Foss

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"Ace" Joe Foss © 2009 Bill Foss 24" x 36" Black & White Acrylic and metallics on canvas
  • A Great American Hero, # 1 Ace Fighter Pilot during WWII, Governor of South Dakota,
  • President of the NRA, All around good guy and story teller, and great uncle to the artist. On a good day Joe could be found chumming around Scottsdale with the likes of Barry Goldwater and other Arizonans, telling stories at the Phoenician or his favorite coffee shop. With a Congressional Medal of Honor and a list of credits a mile long, I will list a short excerp
  • from the web here and some links to commemorate the American legend: General Joe Foss. Foss lived out the rest of his years in beautiful Fountain Hills. Retiring in Arizona with his beloved wife Dee Dee. A man dedicated to the service of his country that lived a very full and eventful life.
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