Mary Magdalene


Mary Magdalene 18 x 24" canvas print



©2008 Bill Foss all rights reserved

Original Etching on Copper

This is the story of my visit to Gorton Monastery in Manchester, England, the encounter with the Divine Soul from Christ's Family and the adventure of getting there!

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    "Mary of Magdala"

    original etching and acrylics on copper. 24" x 36" ©2008 Bill Foss all reproduction rights reserved.

  • Mary of Magdala, wife of Jeshua ben Joseph, was his best student and closest disciple.
  • A very enigmatic religious icon, her life story with Jesus hidden and historically misrepresented.
  • A wonderfully natural at all of Christ's teachings and abilities. She not only caught the attention of the other disciples but also was looked upon in question by a few of them, as they all wanted to be close to the Master. After Jeshua's ascension he first appeared to Mary.
  • She later left her homeland and traveled to the area which is now France, where she and her children lived out the rest of their lives. Upon visiting France, you may find many references to this information
  • amoung the common people who know of this through their ancestors.
  • It is also said the the Knights Templar and other 'keepers of the faith' gaurded her tomb as
  • the 'Holy Grail', the true meaning kept secret and lost over the ages to folklore.
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