Left to Right; Ashtar, Isis, Kuthumi, Shiva, Sai Baba, Buddha, The Face of God, The Eternal Self, The Viewer, Jeshua, Mary, Babaji, Saint Germain, Djwaul Kuhl, Quan Yin

Posters are here from Europe! 22" tall x 48" wide great for your sacred space



  1. 8 feet tall x 20 feet wide painted in acrylics on heavy duty canvas stretchers 5 - 4' x 8" sections ,Created for the I Am University, Austria, Europe
  2. THE ASCENED MASTERS have been referred to in many ways through the course of history. Ascended Beings, Avatars, Bodhisatvas. They are teachers, some common people like you & me , some predestined to teach,heal and balance the likes of humanity. By attaining ascension they have retained their personality and become multi-dimensional beings. Each with similar and unique aspects and gifts which they use to help synthesize those who stand ready to take the next step in our evolution.
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