Mel Gibson by Bill Foss

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  1. "Portrait of Mel Gibson, 18" x 24" textured black,white and silver on canvas with pearlescent eyes...
  2. ©2009 Bill Foss
  3. My fist painting of 2009, Mel is one of the truly prolific actors and directors of our time. And not afraid to set
  4. the world on it's ear, or should I say eye! With the truly classic "The Passion". When you see a Mel Gibson movie it has an impact. A truly gifted actor/director, the world is able to see his 'down to earth' or geniune personality come through his roles.
  5. What's your favorite movie? For me it's between 'Beyond Thunderdome, Brave Heart, and the 1st Lethal Weapon.
  6. When in history the world looks back on the whole 'golden age of cinematography' they will see Mel and his Movies as a top notch actor and a classic collection of quality films that will stand the test of time.
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