Bill Foss has played professionally for 30 years since the age of 15. He picked up the guitar at age 13 and fell in love with the essence of music and everything that had to do with guitars. Playing with local blues,rock and country bands, Bill, cut his musical teeth in the 4 state area of Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas quickly gaining momentum for what was to be a life-long love affair with music. After starting the local band 'Games' and playing regionally, traveling, and winning 3 Battle of the bands, the classic and top-40 rock act disbanded after several years together.

Bill determined to keep pushing, drove to Kansas City, walked into a club and watched the national act 'Misstress'. By the first break after meeting the band, an audition was set, and Bill took the gig. Working with the band through many national booking agencies, touring and playing in 48 states. After 2 years of solid roadwork with the band, and several line up changes, Bill then jumped into the world of hard rock with Houston based 'DB' and toured across the country, Then on to the Southwest to work with 'Marble Heart' a top notch top-40 rock and dance act, playing a mixture of Large clubs and the hotel circuit. Bill went back to work with 'Misstress' who had picked up momentum and notoriety for playing the largest clubs across the country. In 1990 Bill and lead singer Victoria Lee landed in Albuquerque, NM, where they started the
'Coors' sponsored 'Les Innocents' a top club act which worked regionally 5-7 nights a week. Then on to the hard rocking indie sounds of 'Damage'. Taking a break for art school, Bill then went back into music in Chandler, AZ with former Misstress bassist Steve Shelby, and Marble Heart drummer Chris Pitha. Forming the progressive rocking 'Moe Jehovah' all original act, performing and recording act, playing some of Tempe's hotter night spots. Moving into a fine arts career, Bill took a break to re-invent creatively once again and emerging now from the central metro Phoenix art scene, an all acoustic album 'Phoenix Rising' self produced all original music. Then on to record the full band album 'Save the Planet',
A power trio recording and live performance group , the Bill Foss Band. Now going in yet another direction and joining forces with 'Big Mama & Whitebread' a hard rock/dance/funk/blues band with black female vocalist and power trio. During this time Bill also producing his next cd titled 'Bill Foss & the Wingmakers' a collection of new and classic originals spanning the singer/songwriter/ performer & guitarists career. Playing Phoenix and Northern Arizona for several years. Currently Bill is writing and recording for his upcoming CD 'New City of Angels'. Bill continues to perform acoustically and with a bassist and drummer at clubs, and festivals across the US and Europe.
most recently Bill has branched into Ambient & New Age Music with the release of 'Super Divine' and 'Journey to the Akasha'

Memorable Gigs include:
The Lone Star , Kansas City, MO
City Limits, Omaha, NE
The Royal Grove, Lincoln , NE
Club Lavela, Panama City Beach, FL
The Button South, Ft. Lauterdale, FL
Bangels, Denver, CO

The Institution of Rock & Roll, Colorado Springs, CO
The El Rey Theater, Albuquerque, NM
Top Flight Ballroom, Chico, CA,
Paradise Alley, Les Vegas, Nevada
Del Mar Station, Reno Nevada
Palace of Fine Arts , San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles Hilton, LA, CA
International Wesak Festival , Vienna Austria


  • Influences include Jeff Beck, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Pat Travers, Tori Amos, Sara McLauclin, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, all of the great classic bands,and all of the great players and writers I've had the pleasure of working with.