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Here are examples of what I can do for you ...click on images to enlarge...Enjoy!

Albert E=ART


'Earth Prayer' 16" x 20" on Copper

Carol Anne Slominski







John Wayne 18" x 24" on Copper

title: "Is That All Ya Got??"


In Memory of Jackylnn

18" x24" on Brass



'Sweetpea and Brutus' 36" x 36" on Copper

Scottsdale, ArizonaR

AAshleigh Cope

24" x 36" airbrush on masonite


Soul Portrait Series 24" x 36" or 18" x 24" painted in acrylic and airbrush on Copper, Brass, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel

  1. Great Gift for the Family or a loved one! I can work from a photo or combine photos if needed.
  2. Click the E mail link below to send a photo or to ask questions about having your portrait painted.
  3. All paintings are shipped in a UPS proof wooden crate. I look forward to speaking with you soon
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