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Akashic Records Session Only - $150.00 (1 Hr. +)

Akashic Records Session with Healing and Clearing $275.00 (2 Hr)

Akashic Session with House Clearing - $299.00 (2 Hr.)

Shamanic-Akashic Soul Healing/Retrieval - Clearing, Physical & Energetic Balancing and Healing $299.00 (2 Hr.)

Akashic Reading, "Journey to the Akashic Records" Book and Meditation Download $199.00

Akashic Records Book, Workbook, and Journey Practice Meitaition CD $89.00

Akashic Records EBook and CD download $49.00

Special - (4) 1 Hr. Life Coaching Sessions @ $75 ea. when you buy 4 - $300.00

Deluxe Package - Akashic Session, House Clearing, Akashic Shamanic Healing Session

'Journey to the Akashic Records' Book/CD Set, or 'Secrets of Spiritual Success' Book/CD set,

Follow -up (4) -1 Hr. Life Coaching Sessions $976.00

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Akashic Records, Healing, and Personal Guidance Phone Sessions

Bill works with you in person when available or by phone to unlock your greatest potential, give life path guidance, for personal healing and manifesting your goals and dreams in life. Looking into your personal Book of Life within the Akashic Records. This enables you to see tendencies from other lifetimes as they are played out in the multi-dimensional reality that makes up who you are. Channeled information from the Records, with the aid of your spirit guides, angelics, and ascended masters or spiritual gurus, reveal information that make up who you are on the otherside, as well as in the physical. This can bring clarity to your current situation. As you state your questions, Your answers will come from the Akashic Records and will give clarity to the reasons for the immediate events and circumstances as well as how to navigate more clearly and receive info for business and personal relations, spiritual attainment, and locations, Past, Present and Future.

Please email your FULL NAME, BIRTHDATE & PLACE and a list of questions to:

"If you need help in getting to the next level on your journey,This will be beneficial for you."

Bill can also recommend energy exercises which will be beneficial to your current or immediate situation, for healing, manifesting and unlocking your greatest potential.

To book a phone session call 918-770-3810, rate is $150 per hr.

and you can use paypal to pay. My paypal address is OR - I can take a square payment over the phone as we start the session. I encourage you to pay in advance, because once you pay for a session, I start to receive information for you and a stream is opened. This helps to give you more info.


Please Download Read, and Print a copy and sign OR electronically fill out and sign form and email back to if you're having difficulties with it call 918-770-3810 or you can also print fill out and take a picture of it with your camera or camera phone and send it that way. This protects the client the healer and evryone else.


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