Here are some of the artists that we will be revisiting





  1. About 'the Tribute Tapes' (BMI)
  2. This promises to be an inspirational and fun project. Over the years I have painted the ongoing Rock
  3. & Roll series comemorating the great performers and writers of our time. Now for the first time I will
  4. produce a collection of Foss renditions of some of these great compositions of music.
  5. The album will feature the paintings that accompany each song.
  6. The live performance will feature multi-media presentation of 'The Rock & Roll Art of Bill Foss'
  7. images of the series, as a backdrop for a dynamite line up of musicians.
  8. I am now in the process of considering performers and studio musicians for this project
  9. as well as presenting the project for grants and professional management/ music industry consideration.
  10. If you have been contacted in regards to this project, or have input or interests,
  11. concerning financial funding, sponsorship, advertising, management, or booking
  12. please send me an email with your contact info here:
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